Become an Ambassador for Justice

Muslims are facing injustice in American courts.
We need your support to defend legal rights for Muslims.
An hour of legal work in America costs $250 on average.
At MLFA, we are able to triple the impact of your donation
so that every $1 you give pays for $3 of legal work.
Sponsor at least 1 hour to become an Ambassador for Justice.
You can donate $250 or more per year, and encourage
your friends and family members to join you.

Become and Ambassador for Justice with a donation of $250 or more today!

American media often portray Islam and Muslims as bad guys, criminals or terrorists. This has created a serious problem where anti-Muslim bias has taken root in the American justice system. As a result of this bias, Muslims are finding it difficult to get fair trials in American courtrooms.

One organization has been working hard to defend the legal rights of Muslims in America. This organization is Muslim Legal Fund of America. MLFA is a charity that collects donations to pay the legal fees and other expenses required to defend Muslims against injustice.

Did you know that the average legal fee in America is roughly $250 per hour? Legal work requires a lot of financial resources, but it is something that we cannot neglect. A well-funded defense of our legal rights is crucial to protecting individual Muslims as well as the entire Muslim community.

This is why we need you to become an Ambassador for Justice by sponsoring one hour of legal work per year through MLFA. Join thousands of Ambassadors today with a tax-deductible and zakat-eligible donation of $250 per year or $25 per month to MLFA.

Imagine a day when any Muslim can get a fair trial in America. This is MLFA’s dream and it is my dream. Let’s make this dream a reality. Become an Ambassador for Justice today.