Abu Ratib Regains Freedom

Abu Ratib Regains Freedom

Abu Ratib Regains Freedom

DALLAS -- Dec. 15, 2010 -- Mohamed Mustapha Ali Masfaka, a world-famous Islamic singer more commonly known as Abu Ratib, was released following his sentencing hearing on December 14 in Detroit.

In conjunction with his October 14, 2010, plea, Masfaka admitted to failing to include his six-month-long, part-time employment for the Holy Land Foundation during 1997 and 1998 on his application for naturalization and during his interview for US citizenship.

The Holy Land Foundation was operating as a legal charitable organization at the time of Mr. Masfaka’s employment. The Foundation was “specially designated” by the United States Department of Treasury in 2001—over three years after Masfaka ended his employment with the Holy Land Foundation.

Charles Swift, Masfaka’s attorney, said, “Mr. Masfaka and his family are deeply saddened that the United States was unwilling to forgive his error, especially in light of the fact that he included his affiliation with the HLF in another part of the Naturalization Application. They are deeply concerned that his conviction will have a further chilling effect in the lawful support of Muslim charities in the United States.”

The Masfaka family is grateful for the return of their husband and father and the reunification of their family. They extend their deepest thanks to the Muslim Legal Fund of America, and those in the community who have supported them in their darkest hour.

“We are glad to see Abu Ratib’s freedom restored and his family reunited,” said Khalil Meek, President of the Muslim Legal Fund of America.

Mr. Masfaka plans to self-deport from the United States. The United States government has agreed to permit Masfaka to seek relocation to the country of his choosing.

Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) is a national civil liberties legal fund that defends the U.S. Bill of Rights by supporting legal cases involving civil liberty encroachments. Established in 2001, MLFA has defended freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to a fair trial, due process of law and many of our nation’s civil liberties.

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For further information please contact Mr. Masfaka’s attorney, Charles Swift, at (206) 441-3377.