What is Muslim Legal Fund of America?

Muslim Legal Fund of America is a charity that funds legal work and programs to defend Muslims against injustice in American courtrooms, prisons, and communities. Muslim Legal Fund of America is the ONLY national tax-exempt nonprofit legal fund dedicated to defending Muslims’ civil rights and civil liberties in American courtrooms.

  • Mission: To defend constitutional rights for Muslims in America
  • Vision: An America in which Muslims are treated as equal under the law in all aspects of life.




What are MLFA's  Core Beliefs?  

  • The U.S. Bill of Rights applies to Muslims in America.
  • Muslims have the right to fair trials.
  • Being Muslim should not make you a suspect or target of law enforcement agencies.
  • Injustice against one is an injustice against all.
  • Without justice, there is no freedom or liberty.

What is happening to Muslims in America?

  • Travel restrictions
  • Immigration denials
  • Bank account closures
  • Extra scrutiny of nonprofit work
  • Prisoners denied religious accommodations
  • Unjust prosecutions and unfair trials
  • Excessive sentences for Muslim prisoners
  • Cruel prison conditions applied to Muslims
  • Informants targeting vulnerable youth
  • Muslims being intimidated into betraying their faith

What are the Principles that Guide MLFA's Work? 

  • Islam came to establish justice between people.
  • As Muslims, we have a religious obligation to support and promote justice.
  • As a community, we need to work together and pool our collective resources to make the greatest, positive impact on the state of justice for Muslims in America.
  • Religious freedom means being able to openly express your religious identity without fear of negative legal or social consequences.
  • As an organization, MLFA and its supporters are fulfilling the religious obligation to defend the principles of justice that make Islam a beautiful religion and America a great nation.

What does MLFA do to Fulfill its Mission? 

  • Funds projects that increase the legal community’s capacity to defend justice in issues of concern to the Muslim community.
  • Conducts informational programs in hundreds of community centers across the nation to spread awareness of specific issues and cases impacting the Muslim community in America.

The injustice against Muslims today will be the injustice against every American tomorrow. We're all in this together.

The National Legal Fund Concept

The Muslim Legal Fund of America provides funding for cases impacting the civil rights and liberties of Muslims in America. A charitable legal fund may be a new concept for some donors, but it operates much in the same way a humanitarian aid organization operates. Where humanitarian aid organizations take donations and turn those funds into food, shelter, education and healthcare, a charitable legal fund turns donations into legal services for select cases with potential civil liberties impact. This is sometimes referred to as impact litigation.

Donation FAQs

Are my donations to MLFA tax-deductible? 

Yes. MLFA is a 501(c)(3) charity. Its tax ID is 01-0548371.

Can I give MLFA my zakat? 

Yes. MLFA is a zakat-eligible charity. MLFA received official declaration of zakat-eligibility from the ISNA Fiqh Council of North America in 2003.

  • 501c3 Tax Exemption Notification

  • Zakat-Eligibility Ruling