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The Muslim Legal Fund of America considers only cases with significant potential impact on civil rights and liberties in America. MLFA does not fund cases solely on the basis of a person’s religious identity. While our focus is protecting the civil rights and liberties of a persecuted minority in America (Muslims), being Muslim alone does not qualify an individual, group or organization for assistance from MLFA.

Due to limited resources, the Muslim Legal Fund of America cannot fund every case presented to the organization. MLFA declining to fund a case does not necessarily mean that a case lacks merit. If MLFA is unable to fund a case, there are legal aid organizations that may be able to assist you. MLFA has no control over the decision of these or other organizations.

  • MLFA Funds

  • MLFA Does Not Fund

MLFA focuses on constitutional issues such as:

  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech
  • Protection against unreasonable searches and seizures
  • Due process of law
  • Right to a trial by jury
  • Legal rights of the accused
  • Right to face one’s accuser
  • Right to legal counsel
  • Prohibition of excessive bail
  • Protection from cruel and unusual punishment

MLFA may also provide financial assistance for legal costs for situations in which individuals are being approached by federal law enforcement agents, especially if the individuals believe they are being approached because of their religious beliefs. Keep in mind, however, that MLFA is not a law firm. MLFA only provides funding in support of legal work and programs to defend the legal rights of Muslims in America. MLFA does not practice law and cannot provide legal advice.

The Muslim Legal Fund of America does not generally provide financial assistance for the following types of cases:

  • A person was fired from a job without a good reason or just cause
  • Domestic matters (divorce, child custody, wills, etc.)
  • A person is being denied benefits, such as workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits, or Social Security
  • Landlord / tenant disputes
  • State cases
  • Other legal cases that do not have the potential to have a broad impact (potential to set or strengthen a civil liberties precedent)

All applications for assistance are processed through Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA), a charitable law firm funded through a generous grant from Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA). When you click on one of the links to an application for assistance, you will be redirected to the secure CLCMA website.


If you have read and understand the above mission scope and limitations, please proceed to the CLCMA website: